Our Mission Statement

JASH PHARMA by Mudassar Makandar produces high-quality pharmaceuticals supported by its state-of-the-art manufacturing practices.
Our Superior quality equipment ranging from UV- Visible Spectrophotometers, Karl-Fischer Titrators, Polarimeter, Melting/Boiling point Temperature Apparatus, Drying Ovens, Stability Chambers, Sonicators, Fuming Hoods, Muffles Furnace, Bulk Density Apparatus, Dissolutions and more; and are maintained on a regular basis.

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  • 91-775-680-7807
  • info@jashpharma.com
  • Plot no 143/144 Sursez, GIDC, Sachin, Surat,, Gujarat 394230;

About Us

We manufacture Niche Generic Pharmaceuticals that meet high levels of quality at affordable prices, export and deliver consistent supplies and deliver great customer service.

What do we do:

``There is glory in being part of an industry that makes a difference to the world.``

We believe in the promotion of only high-quality pharmaceutical products and medicines that are thoroughly reviewed by our management team. Jash Pharma can be your one-stop shop for curative and pharmaceutical and medicinal supplies to wholesalers, manufacturers and distributors.

Sourcing high quality pharmaceutical medicines is the need of the hour!

JASH PHARMA by Mudassar Makandar is dedicated to providing high-quality branded medicines that are trusted by healthcare professionals and institutions.

Continuous Improvement

We are a company that manufactures and distributes affordable and high-quality solutions for the prevention and treatment of various diseases.

A transparent system

Our products consist of high-quality, safe and affordable medicines that prevent or treat existing diseases.

Effective Communication

Our team of experts can readily assist in the whole process of registration,

Unabating Integrity

We conduct ourselves with uncompromising integrity and honesty, insisting on the highest ethical standards and Transparence

Quality Driven

We strive to understand and meet the needs of our clients in a professional and responsive manner.

Safety & Quality

Pharmaceuticals that are distributed complying with various national and international regulatory requirement standards.

Our Team

Board of Directors

Mr. Mudassar Makandar Mr. Tanveer Makandar
Our Founder, Mudassar Makandar, is a dedicated
entrepreneurial spirit. He is also the founder of Myron Pharma Limited (Nigeria), Vashishth Tech Enterprise Private Limited – IT Recruitment, Le Aafia Suites – Hospitality, Aafia Infotech – Marketing. With years of experience, he will lead the pharmaceutical contract service industry through excellence and innovation by delivering world-class quality services.
Our Co- Founder, Tanveer Makandar who is also a master in various ventures in different industries brings deep expertise in the transformation of the core operations and focus on performance improvement.

Over 250+ employees We at JASH PHARMA by Mudassar Makandar are proud to have some of the most talented teammates from across the research, healthcare, pharmaceutical, export, wholesale and supply sectors, working together to produce high quality medication.

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