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JASH PHARMA by Mudassar Makandar produces high-quality pharmaceuticals supported by its state-of-the-art manufacturing practices.
Our Superior quality equipment ranging from UV- Visible Spectrophotometers, Karl-Fischer Titrators, Polarimeter, Melting/Boiling point Temperature Apparatus, Drying Ovens, Stability Chambers, Sonicators, Fuming Hoods, Muffles Furnace, Bulk Density Apparatus, Dissolutions and more; and are maintained on a regular basis.

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  • 91-775-680-7807
  • info@jashpharma.com
  • Plot no 143/144 Sursez, GIDC, Sachin, Surat,, Gujarat 394230;

Company History

Company History

Jash Pharma Pvt. Ltd. (JPPL) is a private limited company that was established in 2006 under the Companies Act. JPPL has a cutting-edge pharmaceutical formulation unit for the production of tablets and capsules. JPPL is located in the Surat Special Economic Zone and is solely dedicated to export. JPPL has excellent rail, road, and air connections. JPPL is led by a well-trained and experienced Board of Directors (Mr. Mudassar Makandar and Mr. Tanveer Makandar). JPPL is dedicated to total quality control. The quality control laboratory is managed by highly experienced professionals who have been approved by FDA. JPPL employs approximately 80 employees, including technical personnel and approximately 200 workers.

Client Requirement


Quality Medicines and Pharma Products

Distribution and exports

Distribution & Exports

Mr. Mudassar Makandar

Our Founder, Mudassar Makandar, is a dedicated entrepreneurial spirit. He is also the founder of myronpharma, makandar, recruitment and other companies. With years of experience, he will lead the pharmaceutical contract service industry through excellence and innovation by delivering world-class quality services.

Mr. Tanveer Makandar

Our Co- Founder, Tanveer Makandar who is also a master in various ventures in different industries brings deep expertise in the transformation of the core operations and focus on performance improvement.

Prafulla Vyas
Q.A Manager

Our experienced manager plays an important role in a company's success by ensuring that the products meet our clients expectations.

Sanjay Singh
Production Manager

Our Plant Manager has 30 years of experience and oversees all aspects of the plant's daily operations, from production and manufacturing to ensuring policies and procedures are followed.

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